What happens when we listen to music?

Most of the time, when we hear a song, we begin to form an image of the lyrics in our minds. We may even imagine ourselves acting out the song’s lyrics. For example, a slow, romantic song may easily put someone in a romantic mood. A song with angry, violent lyrics may lead someone to commit violent acts. Music with words that produces images of sexual immorality, violent behavior, or other negative images appeals to the lowest nature of mankind. It is subtle, but it causes problems later in life if those negative images are allowed to become rooted in our minds. While there are other factors that help to influence our decisions in life, music has proven to be an influence that can change our attitudes and perspectives. Take a moment to consider the negative impact certain song lyrics may have had on you. Music’s powerful influence can be contributed to people being encouraged to drink alcohol, try illegal drugs or participate in pre-marital sex. Many young people enjoy listening to popular music with friends and feel odd and left out when they don’t. However, the problem comes when lyrics encourage destructive behavior and cause teens to give in to peer pressure. Music has also been linked to certain violent behaviors in youth as well. Some listen to the lyrics to make others think they are thugs or cool. Heavy exposure to violent lyrics inspires many young people to resort to violence whenever they have a conflict. In other words, they begin to act out on the emotion or attitude they have adopted while being influenced by peers, the media, and the music. Words are very important! What we say (or sing) with all our hearts will lead to actions that could bring either positive or negative results. Life and death is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:22).

Music was originally designed to praise and worship God. Christian music appeals to the highest nature of mankind. When we listen to praise and worship music, it captures our minds and inner-most beings, and we begin to fall in love with our Creator over and over again! Our imaginations, words, thoughts, and actions are at an all-time high! For every secular artist on the market, there is a Christian alternative-a born-again artist who is just as good but with a better message. It is not wise to try to give up one thing without a better alternative to put in its place. Find more positive, uplifting music.

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