Start Smart Class

Do you want the 5 Year Plan OR the 50 Year Plan? The Start Smart class is designed to help couples develop skills for building a strong, lifelong marriage.

Start Smart Premarital Program Overview

Start Smart is a comprehensive premarital program that has 4 core elements:

What core topics are covered in Start Smart?

  • Your marriage:  the 50 year plan vs. the 5 year plan
  • All you need is love?
  • Myths of Marriage
  • Couple communication
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Personality Assessment
  • Sex & Intimacy in Marriage
  • Finances – Developing your own budget
  • In-laws
  • How to avoid the “4 Horsemen of Divorce”
  • Marriage covenant vs. contract
  • False Expectations

Start Smart is a research based, comprehensive premarital program that was created by Richard Albertson, Founder of Live the Life. It asks engaged couples “Do you want the 5 year plan or the 50 year plan?” and offers the skills needed to make it through the most challenging early years of marriage.

This program was designed for engaged couples and has 4 core elements:

1.  A premarital inventory driven by current research that examines a couple’s strengths and growth areas. 2.  A workbook packed with innovative exercises focused on finances, personality assessments, sexuality and intimacy, communication and conflict resolution. 3.  Five coaching sessions with a trained “Marriage Mentor.” 4.  Experiential learning of specific communication and conflict resolution skills crucial for a healthy marriage.

This course will set a couple up for a long lasting, healthy relationship and strong marriage!

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