Men’s Ministry

The New Vision Men’s Ministry is a life-impacting ministry for men, by men and with men; focusing on the transformation of their hearts resulting in living the victorious lives of Godly men and becoming disciples for Christ.

Our Mission is to equip men to live a godly life by serving their family, church, and community. New Vision’s Men’s ministry seeks to empower men to:

  1. Grow and live in a Christ-like manner
  2. Develop an effective prayer life
  3. Discover and put into use spiritual gifts
  4. Build closer personal relationships through social activities

The Men’s ministry seeks to guide the men of the New Vision by encouraging one another, serving those in need, and providing opportunities for spiritual outreach.

Our Purpose is to define authentic manhood. In our society, being a man is confusing. There are a number of definitions according to the world’s standards. We will look at the Biblical call to be a real man as one who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously and invests in eternity.

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is expressed in Colossians 1:28

“That we may present every man complete in Christ.”

What does it mean to be “complete in Christ” as a man?

To be complete in Christ means that we are happy in being a man! We provide for our families. We provide for our family, fight for righteousness sake, have close male friends that encourage us and are faithful to our wife (or keeping ourselves sexually pure before marriage).

In Proverbs 27:17 we are told, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Strong men build up other strong men.

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.”

~ Psalms 133:1

A Christ-like man is a servant of God’s church, his family, and his community.

Our Men’s Ministry is built upon total surrender of our minds and our hearts to God’s will. We are dedicated to helping men become Christ-like men.The purpose of this ministry is to promote mission action and mission awareness among the men at New Vision and beyond. We strive to support all auxiliaries of the Church, to reach out to all the men of the Church, and to give spiritual aid and guidance to our Youth , Teens, and New Members. We are accountable for each other to ensure that through all of life’s challenges, we do not compromise our faith, our family, and our salvation.

We invite all men to Come and Grow as you commit to being a part of this brotherhood at New Vision,and together we will be able to Serve and Go. Our meetings are held every 2nd Sunday of each month. Stay connected and updated via our church website calendar and service announcements for more Men’s ministry events. We look forward to seeing you!!!