If someone aspires to be an elder, he desires an honorable position”

~ 1 Timothy 3:1 

Board of Elders

At New Vision, the Board of Elders function in agreement with the Apostle Paul’s charge to Timothy in 1 Timothy 3.   Board members serve as a council of advice and confer with the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the welfare and word of the church. They are zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church and foster participation by membership in the affairs of the church. They oversee and are accountable for the Church Committee and their activities. They serve as liaisons to the Parent church, Haitian Emmanuel Baptist Church.

A. Reverend Wilner Maxy 

Pastor Maxy                                                    

Reverend Wilner Maxy serves as the Chairman of the Board of Elders. He is Senior Pastor of Haitian Emmanuel Baptist Church. His leadership paved the way for a growing English-speaking youth ministry to evolve into a now incorporated church of 250 members. New Vision Emmanuel Baptist Church has shared the same facility as Haitian Emmanuel Baptist church and runs concurrent services in English and in Creole. Reverend Wilner Maxy’s vision and legacy continues through New Vision’s efforts to build the Wilner Maxy Community Center in his honor. (Visit our home page for more information on the Wilner Maxy Community Center)


B. Elder Cecile Lauriston

Elder Cecile Lauriston serves an ambassador for New Vision. She is coined as “The Mother of New Vision”. In the early 1990’s, Sr. Cecile saw the need for a English-speaking ministry for a growing youth that were not fluent in Creole/French. Her passion was to teach and equip a generation of youth to love and thirst after God in their own language. Her advocacy led to a growing ministry that has now become New Vision. She currently serves as Overseer for all Worship Services.

Elder Cecile Lauriston is one of the founders of Haitian Emmanuel Baptist Church, where she serves as Prayer Counselor. She is a church and school  planter in Saint-Louis Du Nord, Haiti.


C. Elder Roger Eugene

Fr. Roger

Elder Roger Eugene has shared the vision to see a young generation rise up to serve God wholeheartedly and spread the gospel to all. His early vision compelled him to assist in the planting of New Vision. He serves as overseer of the outreach, evangelism, and missions efforts of the church. He has been a Deacon at Haitian Emmanuel Baptist Church for over 20 years. He is a board member of  the Missions & Evangelism ministry, and is planting churches and schools for the youth of  Ballade, Haiti.


D. Reverend Scott Nelson

Pastor Scott

Rev. Scott Nelson has been a missionary since 1969, first in France, 1969-1973. Then in Haiti from 1977-1991. He is presently the Director of Haitian Ministries for the Miami Baptist Association. 2001-2012. He is also the founder of L’Institut Biblique Logos. He has taught the Bible for over 40 years. His greatest wish is to see other people develop a thirst and a hunger for the Word of God so that they have an intimate relationship with the Master.

Reverend Scott Nelson is one of the founding fathers of New Vision. His leadership roles during the early 90’s helped to build and organize the foundation of the church. Currently, he serves on the board of Elders as liaison to the community and  the Miami Baptist Association.