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With more than 10,000 products to offer, APMEX makes our list as the online gold dealer with the best comprehensive offering. The increase in stock market volatility and political uncertainty is driving an increasing number of investors to precious metals as a way to diversify their investment portfolios. Gold, in particular, has historically maintained its value even during significant stock market fluctuations and has proven to be an effective hedge against inflation.

Comprehensive historical pricing data going back 30 years is available free through APMEX for Gold and Silver prices, as well as Platinum and Palladium prices. If you need a quick sale, a local coin shop can be a good solution. Buyers there are experts and often offer fair prices. Once the dealer receives your items, they’ll make you an offer by email within 24 hours. If you accept it, you’ll get to choose a payment option . Otherwise, the sites will return your items to you for free. How much your metal is worth depends on the amount of it, as well as current market prices.

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Precious Metal and Coins provides honest appraisals, wide selection and top cash for gold, silver, jewelry, Rolex watches and diamonds in Roanoke, Virginia. Kitco makes it easy to buy and sell gold coins, silver bars, and other precious metals. Physical gold and silver prices are based on the floating “spot price” of the respective metals. Your physical precious metals should only cost a few percentage points above spot and sell for a few percentage points below spot. This is called the “spread.” A narrower spread means a more liquid product.

  • Nothing beats the security of having your gold stored in a highly reputable depositary, such as Brinks Global Services, which has vault locations throughout the country.
  • APMEX is also one of the best sources for collectors, offering a wide variety of coins and old banknotes.
  • Visit us and expect accurate assessments, honest answers, and fair pricing.
  • In addition, he sells his precious metals for a very low premium over spot value.
  • Our customers can sell gold and silver online in complete security.
  • Liquidity refers to how easy it is to buy or sell an asset quickly at a similar premium to what you paid.

We will use the routing and account number on the check to issue payment via electronic ACH transfer within 24 hours of receipt of your package. A refiner has to melt it down and refine it before making a bar, coin, round or even more jewelry. This additional labor means most jewelry today will fetch a lower resale price than what was paid upfront. Silver bullion bars generally have high resale value, especially those bars that have been kept in professional vault storage. Signing up on an altcoin exchange is the easiest way to sell MTL for Bitcoin or Ethereum, which means you’ll be able to cash out faster.

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You have many payment options with APMEX, including credit or debit card, paper check, bank wire transfer, PayPal, bitcoin, and eCheck. Credit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers can clear within one to three days. After your first purchase, you are eligible to use APMEX’s eCheck option, which can accelerate your order processing. Do you need to buy new jewelry, sell or exchange coins and other valuable metals?

Whether you are looking to sell your old coins or your old jewelry we can appraise and assess your items and have an estimate for you at any time. Walk ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary. Once you have some gold and silver to sell, you need to decide where to bring it. Generally speaking, most people go to a pawn shop or bullion dealer. Reputable precious metals dealers are often few and far between in person, but many are moving their business online, opening up new possibilities .

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Your investment is sensible, but it should also be beautiful. Whether you are seeking Silver coins for sale or Gold bars for sale, look beyond the luster of Precious Metals and consider designs that represent your personality and interests. The best way to stay on top of price fluctuations is to become an APMEX account member and register to receive price alerts by email or text message.

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Badgley opens Silver Linings Jewelry and Coin News

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I would like Upper Management to know what an EXCELLENT experience selling our gold both 2 months ago and yesterday at your Westside Pavilion location has been. Dorothy Huey provides exemplary service, as does Anthony Corrado, store manager, and is of high value to you as employees. Courteousness, attention to detail, politeness, professionalism, and explanations of what they were doing made me a loyal customer who will continue to refer others to your organization. A bouquet of string instruments adorns Gold Philharmonic coins produced by the Munze Österreich, or Austrian Mint, in Vienna.

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If you are selling gold jewelry or a gold coin, instead, the metal is unlikely to be pure. Multiply the percentage of purity by the total weight to find the total amount of gold or other metals that you have.

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Walking into a pawn shop with a significant amount of precious metals makes you vulnerable to burglary or assault. It’s less of a concern when you’re selling $1,500 worth of gold, but this is a serious consideration for investors who have $100,000 or more in precious metals investments. Keep in mind that, for a piece of jewelry, the dealer would multiply the gold content by the current spot price. So for jewelry that contains 10 ounces of gold but is 91.6 percent pure, the dealer would pay you for 9.16 ounces. Pawn shops will offer the lowest return — sometimes less than half of the bullion content. Some precious metals products are more valuable or in greater demand at a given time in the market. Factors like whether it’s a coin or bar, a government or private mint product and the condition of the bullion itself will all play into its resale value.

Is It Safe To Sell Your Gold And Silver Online?

Credit card orders may qualify for APMEX’s QuickShip Program, which provides next-day processing for U.S. orders. Money Metals offers vault storage in Delaware and Massachusetts in Class 3 vaults. If you would like to know where to buy Metal, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Metal stock are currently Binance, Mandala Exchange, Huobi Global, FTX, and KuCoin. Sorry, no refunds or returns on any bullion or coin related purchases. Bring it to us, and we’ll see if it’s worth some cash. If you have diamond jewelry at home that you don’t use, consider trading it for some hard cash that you can use! We buy all kinds of diamonds, including broken ones.

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Depending on the size of the coin/round and a few other factors some tubes may hold fewer or more coins than others. Counting all tubes prior to shipping is an important step to verify that all silver is accounted for.

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The company has great reviews on Trustpilot and positive reviews from the BBB with an A+ rating. If you want your gold stored, APMEX will ship it to Citadel Global Depository Services, one of the world’s largest private storage facilities, for an annual fee.

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PayPal and credit card payments are charged an additional 4% processing fee. If you choose to have your gold stored, you can open a storage depository account and have your gold stored directly with SD Bullion and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. The cost is free for the first three months; storage fees start at $9.99 a month based on the amount stored. Credit card and PayPal payments are assessed a 4% processing fee.

We test ALL items sold to Money Metals Exchange in house and are able to test bars inside of assays, so do not remove bars from their assay. Also, for Junk Silver dates, ensure that the dates are legible. Junk Silver was used as U.S. currency and because it was in circulation it can be a variety of different conditions. Some coins may be more worn than others and ensuring that the dates are still legible is an important process. Any smaller items like individual coins or even tubes should be put into a smaller box to ensure a safe transit. Pre-1965 Dimes, Quarters & Half Dollars should be identifiable as having been minted prior to 1965. We buy and sell all Bullion products, and can arrange shipment/delivery to your location if desired.

  • Walk ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary.
  • When putting product into the box for shipment ALL space must be filled with packing material.
  • However, history shows again and again that people embrace hard assets like precious metals during times of crisis.
  • Because of our high-quality educational content, great pricing, and white-glove customer service.

Once your items are received by Provident Metals, your payment will be issued within three business days. We receive hundreds of packages everyday, and this time allows us to verify the contents and authenticity of your shipment. Its primary uses are for catalytic converters, jewelry, electronics, professional flutes and fuel cells. The highest price for an ounce of palladium was $2,877 in February 2020.

They do not apply at all to American Gold Eagles, American Buffalo, Austrian, Australian , Chinese or any fractional bullion gold coins. how to buy metal coin And they apply only if you sell at least the minimum quantity that is equal to the quantity of a commodity contract for the object.

  • We sell most of our items as B/U and if they do not fall within that category we generally sell them for slightly less.
  • Most bullion dealers don’t accept scrap metal as a sell-back, preferring instead only fabricated products.
  • There have been two bars produced by Pamp and Baird & Co.
  • American Buffalo coins, featuring buffalo, also serve as bullion.
  • Otherwise, the sites will return your items to you for free.

We will buy back any gold, silver, platinum or certified coins we sell. I would rather pull my own teeth than go to anyone other than Peter at United Coin when buying gold and silver. Standard shipping is free for orders of $99 or more and $9.95 for orders under $99. You can upgrade your shipping speed to priority mail for $14.95 or express mail for $24.94. Golden Eagle Coins accepts returns for seven days following delivery. You may be responsible for a restocking fee and a market loss fee.

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued business. Rodney, Vicki, Brandon, and Paul from Downtown, Mike from AJPM3, Will, Anna and Mark from AJPM Beaverton. Try our want list service available at all three locations. Once you complete checkout, you will receive an email confirmation along with ongoing shipping notifications. But you go to Golden Eagle Coins for its selection and service, not necessarily for its pricing. Shipping is free for orders of $199 or more and includes insurance costs.

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